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Martine offers personalized training on demand.

whether you are a beginner or experienced, seeking business ideas, needing assistance to develop your creativity, or wanting to improve your techniques...

Classic Funeral Pieces Level 1

Hand-held compositions, pricked compositions, hearts, wreaths, coffin sprays, etc. Working on strict shapes.

New Trends in Funeral Pieces Level 2

Current trends, transparency, structures, minimalism, all while respecting the classic funeral shapes (hearts, wreaths, etc.)

You are a non-salaried manager and registered with the Chambre des Métiers :

FAF MS 45 rue des petites écuries 75010 Paris

Tel: 01 45 23 48 58

Fax: 01 48 00 04 38

You are a manager – business owner :

FAFCEA 12-14 rue Beffroy 92200 Neuilly sur seine

You are a salaried worker :

FAFSEA OU AGEFOS + Consult your company accountant