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Basic & Refresher Courses

Martine offers personalized training on demand.

whether you are a beginner or experienced, seeking business ideas, needing assistance to develop your creativity, or wanting to improve your techniques...

The Basic Skills of the Trade Level 1

Learning the spiral technique, tying, proportion and volume of bouquets, the different styles in floristry, the conditioning of plants and flowers, seeing the purchasing of supplies at Rungis...

The Basic Skills of the Trade Level 2

Realizing simple and quick arrangements, acquiring different techniques for pricked floral foam, realizing classic funeral pieces, wrappings...

Refresher Course on the Basic Skills of Floristry Level 1 and Level 2

Verification of acquired skills in a training designed for florists wanting to return to the trade after a prolonged absence. Working on new techniques and realizing trending bouquets and arrangements.


The training will be held in your company

The courses will run from 9 am to 5 pm

The courses could be for individuals or groups (maximum 10 persons)

Each participant will receive a training certificate

Possibilities of financial aid

Before the training, (about 40 days in advance) consult your affiliated organizations for possible financial aid.

You are a non-salaried manager and registered with the Chambre des Métiers:

FAF MS 45 rue des petites écuries 75010 Paris

Tel: 01 45 23 48 58

Fax: 01 48 00 04 38

You are a manager – business owner:

FAFCEA 12-14 rue Beffroy 92200 Neuilly sur seine

You are a salaried worker:

FAFSEA OU AGEFOS + Consult your company accountant